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Quotation Request

The cost of the deed includes the fees for the professional activity of the notary and the amount of taxes, fees and expenses payable to the deed and to the activity which by law the notary must perform before and after the signing of the deed.

Taxes due for the deed can be deployed and the notary is obliged to pay them even if he has not received the appropriate amount.

Therefore, by law, the notary may refuse to accept the assignment of a deed and to carry out its activities if before the act does not receive what is due for taxes, for expenses and for his remuneration.
In principle, we prefer to schedule a consultancy without any obligation to examine the documents calmly and carefully consider all the possible legal solutions to achieve the desired result.
Often the act required the notary is not the right tool to solve the real problem, and only by a careful examination of all the solutions you can find the best solution.
Following the consultancy which is absolutely free, you will be given an analytical estimate with specific indication of all taxes, clearly differentiated from the fees of the Notary, and all other costs and expenses to which you can go against it.
In addition, we confess: we believe in the technology, but we also believe in human contact. A handshake, a smile, a conversation or a person familiar with the facts and with peace of mind, allow you to highlight expectations, hopes and needs in an instant, and arrive at the best solution much more easily than with a remote contact. Furthermore, only from a done in person, it is clear the quality of the work we do and the seriousness of the checks carried out by us.
At the time you accept our quotation, you must have read and approved the following specifications.
In case you want to try to request a quote for a service which has the characteristics of "normal" (not to specific situations), please fill in the following form:
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